Brian Anstey

Design Director InStyle Magazine

Walk us through some of the highlights of your diverse design career. A few days after graduating from the University of Iowa, I purchased a one-way ticket to New York with little more than a suitcases and a dream. Initially, I was set on getting a job at a design firm to do posters and […]

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Kory Kennedy

Design Director Entertainment Weekly

How did you get into magazine publishing and when you reflect back on your career what have been some of the highlights? I graduated from Parsons School of Design with plans to never, ever go into magazines. I’d always loved reading them, admiring them, collecting them, and being inspired by them, but I just wasn’t […]

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Andrea Dunham

Design Director PEOPLE

How did your career in publishing begin and what have been some of the highlights? I experienced sort of a destiny Big Bang moment when I took over an internship at Entertainment Weekly about a year post-grad that a friend of mine from art school was leaving. I had a BFA in Illustration, but I might […]

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Amy Christian

Commissioning Editor at Oxfam

Tell us little about your career to date and how you ended up in your role as Commissioning Editor for Oxfam. My love for photography started whilst I was at college, I was captivated by visual storytelling and conceptually driven images. Until that point I hadn’t really known what I wanted to do but from […]

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Laurence Watts

Visual Content Manager for ActionAid

Tell us about your working background and how you came to your current role as Visual Content Manager ActionAid. My father is an artist who uses photography in his work and as teenager I was lucky enough to hang out at the Side Gallery in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, here I was exposed to the political work of […]

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Rina Stone

Creative Director, InStyle Magazine

How did you get started in publishing and what have been some of your career highlights? When I was a journalism student at Boston University I was fortunate to have a great internship in the art department at Boston magazine. Upon graduation they offered me a full-time job as associate art director. In a two-person art department, […]

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Elizabeth Bruneau

Online Senior Picture editor For Rolling Stone

Tell us about your career at Rolling Stone and give us an insight into an average day as Photo Editor there. First and foremost I’m a mom, that factors big into my day as a picture editor because there’s this curatorial mental shift from – I’m supportive and encouraging so anything goes – to – […]

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Emily Barker

Picture Editor NME Online

Tell us about your working background and how you came to your current role as Online Picture Editor at NME. The truth is I never actually knew I wanted to be a Picture Editor. I always practiced photography but actually did most of my internships in music record labels and other similar companies. During that […]

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Jamie Goldenberg

Photo Editor Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine

Tell us about your role as photo editor at Bloomberg Businessweek. What does it entail? My job at Bloomberg Businessweek is about fifty percent assigning and fifty percent research/curating. I work closely with art directors and editors throughout the week to conceptualize art for stories in the magazine. Businessweek is a weekly news magazine where, […]

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Mark Murrmann

Photo Editor Mother Jones

Explain a little about your career so far at Mother Jones – what does your role entail and what have been some of your significant achievements with the magazine to date? I started at the magazine as the photo intern (a position we no longer have) in 2007. I’ve worked to maintain a strong photo presence in […]

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Russ O'Connell

Picture Director Q Magazine

Tell us about your background in picture editing and your career to date including how you arrived at your current role, Picture Director at Q Magazine? Having studied photography at Camberwell College of Arts, then a degree in photography in Exeter, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in that field. My first actual […]

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